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Extract from the Business Register of the District Court Banská Bystrica
This extract has only indicative character and is not applicable for legal acts!

Section :  Po Insert No.:  690/S

Business name of the organisational unit: 
Van Tuong Pham
  (from: 02/08/2020)
Registered seat of organisational unit: 
Nám. gen. M. R. Štefánika 31
Brezno 977 01
  (from: 02/08/2020)
Identification number (IČO): 
52 557 413
  (from: 02/08/2020)
Date of entry: 
  (from: 02/08/2020)
Legal form: 
Podnik zahraničnej osoby (organizačná zložka podniku zahraničnej osoby)
  (from: 02/08/2020)
Objects of the company: 
Výroba a opracovanie jednoduchých výrobkov z kovu
  (from: 02/08/2020)
Head of organisational unit: 
Van Tuong Pham
Hai Duong, Cam Hoang
Cam Giang
Vietnamská socialistická republika
From: 02/08/2020
  (from: 02/08/2020)
Acting in the name of the company: 
Vedúci podniku zahraničnej fyzickej osoby je oprávnený konať samostatne.
  (from: 02/08/2020)
Foreign person: 
Business name: Van Tuong Pham
Registered seat:
Register and Registration number:
  (from: 02/08/2020)
Date of updating data in databases:  09/16/2021
Date of extract :  09/17/2021

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