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Documents of the company deposited in the collection of documents at the District Court Žilina
This list of documents of the company deposited in the collection of documents has only indicative character and is not applicable for legal acts!

Section:  Sa Insert No.:  108/L-Zbl

Business name: 
Poľnonákup POVAŽAN a.s.
Registered seat: 
Na stanicu 16
Žilina 010 09
Identification number (IČO): 
31 562 981
Legal form: 
Joint-stock company
Date of entry: 
Date of deletion: 
Collection of documents: 
Podpisový vzor SKP: JUDr. M. Kováčik
Type of document: Document confirming the appointment/termination of the function, Signature templates
  (Delivered: 02/16/2006)
Uznesenie KS BB 47-24K 180/02-580 z 1/2/06 o vyhlásení konkurzu.
Type of document: Court´s bankruptcy order, Court decision on authorization of the restructuring or settlement, Court decision amending or repealing aforementioned decisions and Court decision on replacement of a trustee
  (Delivered: 02/16/2006)
Účtovná závierka 2001 + Výročná správa
Type of document: Documents on financial results (accounting statement, annual report, auditor´s report)
  (Delivered: 08/05/2002)
Date of updating data in databases:  11/30/2023

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