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Documents of the company deposited in the collection of documents at the District Court Bratislava I
This list of documents of the company deposited in the collection of documents has only indicative character and is not applicable for legal acts!

Section:  Sro Insert No.:  79266/B-Zbl

This list of documents of the company was ceded by reason of local incompetence!

Business name: 
Albatros Logistics s. r. o.
Registered seat: 
"Strecno Distribution Centre", ulica SNP 811/168
Strečno 013 24
Identification number (IČO): 
46 545 221
Legal form: 
Private limited liability company
Date of entry: 
Collection of documents: 
Spoločenská zmluva alebo zakladatežská listina
Type of document: Founding Document (Memorandum of Association/Founder´s Deed/ Founding Agreement/ Articles of Association/ Notary Statement related to the foundation /any other document regulating the foundation), full powers conferred for the purpose of concluding the Founding Document
  (Delivered: 02/10/2012)
zapisnica z valneho zhromazdenia
Type of document: Document representing the amendment to the Founding Document
  (Delivered: 10/05/2012)
uplne znenie spolocenskej zmluvy
Type of document: Full wording of the Founding Document as amended
  (Delivered: 10/05/2012)
podpisovy vzor konatela
Type of document: Document confirming the appointment/termination of the function, Signature templates
  (Delivered: 02/10/2012)
Listina, ktorou sa preukazuje podnikatežské oprávnenie na vykonávanie činnosti, ktorá sa má do obchodného registra zapísa ako predmet podnikania
Type of document: Document confirming the authorization to conduct business
  (Delivered: 02/10/2012)
Písomné vyhlásenie správcu vkladu podža osobitného zákona, 2)
Type of document: Declaration made by trustee of an account
  (Delivered: 02/10/2012)
Date of updating data in databases:  01/31/2023

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