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Documents of the company deposited in the collection of documents at the District Court Bratislava I
This list of documents of the company deposited in the collection of documents has only indicative character and is not applicable for legal acts!

Section:  Sro Insert No.:  32976/B-Zbl

Business name: 
KR 02, s. r. o. "v likvidácii"
Registered seat: 
Devätinová 19
Bratislava 821 06
Identification number (IČO): 
35 898 542
Legal form: 
Private limited liability company
Date of entry: 
Date of deletion: 
Collection of documents: 
Notárska zápisnica č. N 116/05 Nz 31542/05 NCRls 31069/05
Type of document: Full wording of the Founding Document as amended
  (Delivered: 08/26/2005)
N 116/2005, Nz 31542/2005, NCRIs 31069/2005 zo 7.7.2005 - Osvedčenie z valného zhromaždenia
Type of document: Document representing the amendment to the Founding Document
  (Delivered: 10/05/2005)
Uznesenie Okresného súdu Bratislava I., 2K/36/2009
Type of document: Court´s bankruptcy order, Court decision on authorization of the restructuring or settlement, Court decision amending or repealing aforementioned decisions and Court decision on replacement of a trustee
  (Delivered: 10/14/2009)
Date of updating data in databases:  08/16/2022

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